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Ecstasy: the truth about the enemy behind the mask

Dancing with Ecstasy?
Do you really want to party?
Why do people take drugs?
The rave scene: not as much ecstasy as they say?
What is Ecstasy?
Imaginary “Love Pill”
Consequences of using ecstasy
Ecstasy: an outlaw
Can I get addicted to ecstasy?
Ecstasy causes brain damage
Some scientific information
Cutting through the hype about drugs
Ecstasy: What are the side effects?
What’s the risk?
One last word...
Real solutions to drugs

“He who uses ecstasy destroys himself and dies.” — Corriere de Romagna, Italy, October 19, 1996

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Ecstasy pill

Drugs destroy millions of lives every year – too often the lives of young people upon whom our future depends. In a world where more money is spent on drugs than on food, it can be difficult to convince others to just say “no.” Society owes a debt of gratitude to anyone working to salvage others from the harmful effects of drug abuse. Standing by and doing nothing about the drug problem only helps those who profit from its spreading. But working together, we can succeed in educating others to the real dangers of drugs. And it is in that spirit this website has been produced.

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