Ecstasy: the truth about the enemy behind the mask
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Nikki was like many who went to rave parties. Hoping to escape her problems and have a good time, she planned to party through the night with several friends. One of them had a bottle of liquid ecstasy in his car, so they all decided to take some.

Soon the drug started to take over. Nikki danced and danced and danced, pushing herself well beyond her usual limits. As one of her friends later said in a police report, “Nikki wasn’t feeling anything.”

The next morning Nikki was dead. The cause: drug (ecstasy) poisoning.

But that won’t happen to me, you think. Maybe not, but do you really want to take the chance?

Some facts: According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, from 1998 through 1999 deaths from ecstasy increased 400%. Between 1996 and 1999, emergency room visits involving ecstasy grew by nine times, from 319 to 2,850. The majority of these cases involved users under 25 years old.

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