Ecstasy: the truth about the enemy behind the mask
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“Ecstasy made me crazy. One day I bit a glass, just like I would have bitten an apple. I had to have my mouth full of pieces of glass to realize what was happening to me. Another time, I tore rags with my teeth for an hour.”

Ann, drug addict(1)

A message to young people: Learn to express your freedom and your independence in ways other than by taking drugs. Drugs will ruin your life and your future.

You have every right to make up your own mind, experience new ideas and try to live a better life. But drugs will not bring you any happiness. The real joy in living is only found within yourself. Go discover it!

If you are a parent reading this site, consider this: Young people are the hope for the future. But what promise is there if the social leaders of tomorrow are crippled by drugs today? Talk to your children. Spend time with them. Listen to their problems and share their dreams. Support their efforts. Encourage their good will and their responsible independence. Talk to them about the dangers of drug use and abuse. You may save your child’s life.

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